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Objectively analyzing staffing needs

The judicial branch analyzes court staffing to ensure it's appropriate for the number of cases courts process. This allows courts to operate as efficiently as possible while maintaining access to justice. 

Initially, we measured judge and court clerk office staffing compared to caseloads for individual courts. Then, we took a comprehensive look at the level of all staffing needed for Kansas courts to provide efficient, effective, and timely service. 

Data from these analyses allow the Supreme Court to make objective decisions regarding staffing needs for the judicial branch.

Recent studies

Kansas District Court Judicial Officer Weighted Caseload Assessment Study (December 2020)

Kansas District Court Administrative Assistants Workload Assessment Study (December 2020)

Kansas District Court Clerk Staff Workload Assessment Study (November 2019)


Earlier study

In 2011, the judicial branch worked with the National Center for State Courts to conduct a weighted caseload study. The study was to accurately measure workloads of judges and clerk of court offices in Kansas district courts by considering factors beyond the number of court cases alone. 

The weighted caseload study allowed us to accurately determine, by actual workloads, how many judges and court clerks were needed, and where they were needed. We kept the weighted caseload study current by adjusting it with current case filing statistics each year. 

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