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Child Welfare Law Training

Best Practices in Child Welfare Law Training

Spring 2024 training is replaced by the Kansas Child Welfare Summit. 

Spring 2023 and summer 2023 training materials are available online until they are replaced by next year's resources.

2024 Kansas Child Welfare Summit

The 2024 Kansas Child Welfare Summit is a collaborative effort involving the three branches of state government and child welfare partners to work together to make lasting improvement. The summit will be April 15 and 16 in Topeka. 

Training for guardians ad litem

Guardian Ad Litem Training Modules provide on-demand, online training for guardians ad litem and other child welfare stakeholders. Modules can be used to meet annual training requirements. 

Standards for guardians ad litem

Supreme Court Rule 110A: Standards for Guardians Ad Litem

Code books

Child in Need of Care Code Book: A compilation of statutes governing the care of children in the court system.

Juvenile Justice Code Book: A compilation of statutes governing juveniles in the court system. 

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