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Become a Dispute Resolution Provider or Program

Become a dispute resolution provider or program

The Kansas Supreme Court approved new and amended rules regarding mediators, mediation, and dispute resolution processes. Supreme Court Rules 905-922 are effective January 1, 2020.

Calendar of Approved Trainings (CDRE)

Supreme Court Rules 905-922: Rules Relating to Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Provider’s Frequently Asked Questions

Dispute Resolution Manual

Applications for approval

The Office of Judicial Administration will accept applications to approve individuals, programs, and continuing dispute resolution education.


Mentor mediators

Mentor mediation is the process of using experienced, approved mentor mediators to supervise newly trained mediators to satisfy the co-mediation requirement for the Kansas Supreme Court approval process. A mentor mediator is an approved mediator who meets the requirements under Supreme Court Rule 912.


Continuing dispute resolution education

To receive continuing dispute resolution education, or CDRE, credit, an individual or provider must request approval before the training.


Director of Dispute Resolution
301 SW 10th Ave., Room 337
Topeka, KS  66612-1507


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