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Access to Justice Grant – Questions and Answers

Prospective grant applicants have asked the questions listed below. The questions and the answers provided are posted here for the benefit of all applicants.

  • Question #1: Is there a range or a maximum amount of funding that the grant allows for?

    • Answer: The maximum available under the grant is $800,000.

  • Question #2: Do you have a list of past award recipients that you can send us?

    • Answer: OJA's records indicate that Kansas Legal Services has been the sole award recipient since 1997.

  • Question #3 I noticed there was not a suggested length for the application as a whole, and for the Project Narrative specifically. Do you have a recommended length for the grant application and for the Project Narrative portion?

    • Answer: The application packet includes a blank “Project Proposal Form” (pp. 5-6). An application must include a completed Project Proposal Form for each prospective project, along with the application attachments noted in section D (p. 4). There is no recommended length for the full application or the Project Narrative question on the Project Proposal Form. However, we recommend that applicants avoid duplicating information in different sections of the Project Proposal Form to the greatest extent practicable.

  • Question #4: Is it possible to know if other recipients aside from Kansas Legal Services have applied for grant funding in the past? Is this a competitive grant and will other applications aside from Kansas Legal Services be seriously considered?

    • Answer: The Office of Judicial Administration does not have a comprehensive list of all past grant applicants. We can tell you that for at least the last 10 years, Kansas Legal Services has been the only applicant for the Access to Justice Grant. This is a competitive grant opportunity and all applications that meet grant requirements will be seriously considered.

  • Question #5: On page 2 of the application packet, under G, it says priority will be given to "direct pro bono legal services to the public." Does this mean providing direct legal services to the public at no cost to the public, or does it mean services provided by pro bono attorneys?

    • Answer: In the context of that item in the application packet, the term “pro bono” means providing direct legal services to the public at no cost to the recipient of those services.

  • Question #6: Are we able to submit our completed application via email?

    • We will accept completed applications via email to, as long as all required documents are submitted together.

  • Question #7: Will you accept an application that is postmarked by the deadline?

    • Due to internal scheduling constraints, applications must be delivered to the Office of Judicial Administration by June 16.

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