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7th and 29th Judicial District Request to Consolidate Douglas 2022 CV 71, Wyandotte 2022 CV 89 and 2022 CV 90

In the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas

No. 124927

Joint request of the 7th Judicial District and the 29th Judicial District to consolidate multidistrict litigation pursuant to K.S.A. 60-242(c), Petitioners
Douglas County 2022 CV 71
Susan Frick, et al.
Scott Schwab and Jamie Shew
Wyandotte County 2022 CV 89
Faith Rivera, et. al.
Scott Schwab and Michael Abbott
Wyandotte County 2022 CV 90
Tom Alonzo, et. al.
Scott Schwab and Michael Abbott, Respondents

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